Connotative Side
Denotative Side

This two-sided book explores Extra Sensory Perception or ESP. ESP is also known as a sixth sense. One side of the book is denotative and explores ESP's scientific side. This denotative side has a strict system that relies on precision and definitive organization. Just as science relies on methods, analyzing, and data. The other side of the book is connotatively exploring the stories and mystery of ESP. If you have a sixth sense, you will know where to find the content in the book. ESP is mysterious and unknown, and so are the page numbers, table of contents, and some whole paragraphs. As the reader reaches the middle of either side of the book ESP's science and mysticism ESP become more intertwined and convoluted, and so does the design. The connotative side spills into the denotative side and starts to blend and confuse the rigid system of grids and structure.