11 - 2021


Branding the Lyon Experience

Our brand is built around creating an experience, a hallmark of luxury development, and it is no different at our most recent apartment development, The Ellison. As part of our efforts to set apart our apartment homes in a suburb of Las Vegas, my director and I designed an experience that would speak to our residents' needs. Having moved to California recently, the beauty and calm of this new landscape have drawn me to this new branding project.  In addition to a rooftop pool, spa, beer garden, stunning fitness center, and countless other amenities, the branding of these apartment homes is after the desert flora and fauna. As part of the move-in process, residents receive several gifts upon arrival at their new residence. By providing our branded cleaner, door stopper, paper towels, and other toiletries that might be hiding in boxes while residents move into their apartment homes, we aim to welcome them into the residence as smoothly as possible. Also included are growlers and beer cups for the beer garden, a custom towel, a water bottle, a retro motel keychain, and gift cards to local restaurants. The Ellison boasts a range of impressive amenities, such as a rooftop pool, spa, beer garden, and state-of-the-art fitness center. With numerous amenities intended for various forms of relaxation, our branding evokes the desert oasis that is the Ellison. Working closely with my team, we meticulously planned different experiential elements, including carefully curated move-in gifts for residents. These thoughtful gifts are intended to facilitate a seamless transition into their new homes, providing branded cleaning supplies, door stoppers, paper towels, and other essentials that may have been nestled in moving boxes. Additionally, we included growlers and beer cups for enjoying the beer garden, a custom towel, a water bottle, a retro motel keychain, and gift cards to local restaurants. With the resident's needs and desires in mind, my team and I invested our expertise to create a cohesive and inviting branding strategy.

Rebranding into the Lyon Experience

At Lyon Living, I had the opportunity to contribute to various projects, including the renovation of Delamar Apartment Homes in Sunrise, Florida. Inspired by Miami's tropical vibes and vintage Florida aesthetics observed during property tours, I collaborated with the interior design team to develop graphics, building signage, and landscape design plans. Our teams created a cohesive brand experience that revitalized the property into a vibrant and rejuvenating escape. Additionally, I designed various print collateral, web pages, social media content, and move-in gifts that reflected the subtropic branding of the project.

Embodying the Lyon Experience

 Working at Lyon Living has been an exciting and rewarding experience for me. I've had the opportunity to be involved in diverse projects that have allowed me to unleash my creativity and design skills. From the Camp Lyon Living event to the Lyon Living Awards and The Shelby Hotel project, I've been able to contribute to the unique and vibrant atmosphere that Lyon Living is known for.

One of the standout events I was fortunate to be a part of was Camp Lyon Living. The collaboration between our team and the Culture team brought to life a nostalgic summer camp event that had everyone feeling like kids again. My role in the event was to create invitations, notebooks, park maps, and the schedule. I wanted to capture the essence of summer adventures and warm memories in every design. The vibrant colors, playful typography, and carefully crafted illustrations brought the event to life and set the perfect tone for the attendees.

Another exciting project was the Lyon Living Awards, or the LLA's. This annual event recognized outstanding achievements by both our apartment properties and individuals within Lyon Living. Our team was responsible for creating the event's branding, visuals, and gifts. The LLA's were a significant occasion for Lyon Living, and we wanted to ensure that the design elements reflected Lyon’s culture of creating experiences. We incorporated a sense of elegance and celebration into the branding that reflected the brand motto of “Create the Amazing.” It was a rewarding experience to contribute to an event that recognized the hard work and dedication of our colleagues.

One project that truly challenged and excited me was The Shelby Hotel. The branding concept I created for The Shelby was all about sleek sophistication with a California flare. It was intended to capture the essence of modern luxury and authenticity. Although the project was put on pause, I found inspiration and created this mood board, envisioning my dream hotel nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Big Sur. The sleek logo, earthy color palette, and carefully curated visuals painted a picture of a place that embraced both tranquility and adventure.