Lyon Living is a developer and owner of numerous multi-family housing properties nationwide. My team and I worked alongside the interior design coordinator to create new experience-driven branding, revitalize old branding, and maintain consistent branding across the board for over 40 different types of properties. The company was small enough that I got to work closely with all the departments, allowing me to learn from a wide variety of people. We had an extensive breadth of properties we designed for, from golf courses, hotels, residential development, active adult communities, and multi-family communities. This created opportunities to work on a wide range of projects. I often would jump from signage and wayfinding to branding, logos, swag, and move-in gifts all in one day. On top of this, I managed three social media accounts for Lyon Living corporate, one of our significant developments, the Fields, and our newest lease-up apartment complex, Gideon. I created engaging content for current and potential residents to broader reach. Included in this work was creating reels, posts, and stories, as well as promoting events through social media. This was a great learning experience, as I learned how to create branding and design that worked in intentionally experiential places. I learned how to engage with people through their senses and create a unified experience for them. I also got exposed to the challenges of working on projects that ranged from small residential communities in Florida to a golf course in Idaho and a residential district in Nevada. This was a great way to learn about different design problems and how to solve them effectively. We were not designed for a specific audience or user group but for a wide range of people who would come to these properties for different reasons. We had to create designs that allowed people to easily find their way around the property and engage them in what was happening there. At the same time, I could also design places that were very much about the experience. It was a great mix of work and helped me grow as an artist and designer.